Guam's Time is Now

Margaret Metcalfe – Advocate for Guam, U.S.A.

Hypocrisy – Deceit – Betrayal

Posted on Jul 4, 2015

Pick a word.  They all fit and yet, don’t seem strong enough. 

As Americans, we grow up believing ourselves to be strong, fair, and principled people.  We are honorable and take pride in living up to our commitments, or so I’ve always thought.

In 1986 our government (the Departments of State and Defense) drafted the Compact of Free Association with several Pacific Island Nations surrounding the US Territory of Guam for the sole benefit of our US military and their ability to better secure a buffer zone to protect our homeland.  Our government agreed to compensate these islands with hundreds of millions of dollars annually, enabling them to improve their respective infrastructures, education, medical, prisons, etc.  This was our way of helping them to elevate their standard of life.  Interestingly enough, improvements never materialized per reports from the US General Accounting Office.  It was also determined that in many instances, there was no clear trail as to where the Compact monies were spent.

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What is the meaning of “Full”

Posted on Jul 3, 2015

I recently read with great interest the headline “Bordallo Secures Full Compact Impact Funding”. Hopeful that our delegate had finally, after 12+ years, produced some progress in reducing the estimated 130 million dollar loss we are forced to suffer each year, I was not surprised but disappointed to find the same old “razzle-dazzle”. What we have is status quo. We deserve better. We deserve truth and transparency.

Our Delegate has been given a seat at the table. But one has to show up to be effective. Our citizens need to be informed of possible mandates, BEFORE they are imposed. And someone who holds our lawmakers accountable for their commitments. We need someone who not merely sits at the table but is a force at that table. Someone who’s priority is to fight to improve all of our lives here at home.

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